Friday, May 27, 2011


We won 13-0 today.
Think about that. In tough win, playing weird lines, we won 13-0. With tough wind, mixed lines. 13-0.
Could we have done better? Yeah. We could have moved the disc across field better by our handlers.
We could have Cleared space better. We could have valued the disc more.

But we had MULTIPLE blocs by orlich, again, MVP.
We had lazer beam b-button flicks by archer.
We had multiple all around the field d's by Mario.
We had great play by sammi, resetting the 'o'.
We had great cuts by taylor(s)
We had sick upwind pulls by Matt.
Multiple d's by hadlie.

and. much more.
the key: don't relish that success. focus on what you can do to be better.
team scrimmage with (i hope) film, and soundtrack tomorrow.

focus, always on the offense. swing the disc, cut. swing the disc, cut.
on the goal line, 100 percent.

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