Friday, April 29, 2011


mon, in gym.
tues, outside, nice.
thurs, mt view cancelled, but a stellar scrimmage.
friday, schtick and mini, the links are to the rules.
super fun today, great good time. this old guy is beat up.

notes on rules: we're making some changes to speed up play and stop stalling...
2 discs, no bounds (we can make generic boundaries)
-start with a kickoff.
-on a score we have another kickoff (this is new)
-you are only 'taggable' when you have the frisbee in your hand.
-if tagged, you just have to drop the frisbee
-the disk just has to end up in the box. it can slide in.
-interference is a goal (interference is touching a disc in the box, or touching a disk NOT on your side)
-i'll keep working on this...

notes on mini;
we're not going to go with stall from anywhere (official)
but, we are discouraging foul calls (but not encouraging fouling)

plan on games every day.
if you are a player, start playing.
we're outside every day unless otherwise posted.
dress accordingly. next week promises glorious weather.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Clip of Day.

These guys beat themselves up. One of the best teams in the world Bunka Shutter Buzz Bullets. They all get jobs at this one giant company in Japan.

video HERE.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

41 Days.

And only 24 til' westerns... Still need money.

Thursday: Looks Like we're in the Gym. I'll try to bring the ipod. Please bring your outside clothes everyday though.

Throw, with individual coaching as I can. Til 3:15
Review practice order 3:20
Warmup 3:30
Skipper drill. You all want to throw skippers, now I'll teach you the right way (Teaches how to angle a disc)3:35
Marking Drill (Should know, will be new to a few)3:45
4 Corners drill if there is room (This will be new for a few of you)3:55
Endzone Offense (refine)3:10
Half court endzone scrimmages. 4:30
Mini Games, focusing on marking one way, pause on turn over to stack and set defense.
Done at 5.

Friday: Looks glorious. 55 sunny, light wind. Bring Light, Dark, Water, food. AND PLEASE BRING A LONGSLEEVE. Helps with throwing to keep your arms warm.

Saturday: Anyone want to play a full game to 15, two even teams? If I have 20 players sign on, we'll do it. Should be 57, and partly sunny.

Portland is rained out
Before westerns maybe next weekend-- Could we get drivers for an early release next friday? Leave at 1, and in Eugene?
Tentatively games vs Bend and MVHS next Thurs!

LINK OF THE DAY. Catch by my old team mate Andrew Fleming. First person to mention this to me tomorrow gets a prize.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Fundraiser Reminder.
Ski waxing by donation:
3015 NW Meldrum Ct
On Awbrey Butte. Coordinate with a friend or two about some stuff to throw on the barbie. If you got some skis need waxing bring them! Go talk to your friends and family! I'll bring a projector and a frisbee video to play. 2000 national finals, Santa Barbara Condors v. Vancouver (BC) Furious George.

What's the expected donation: well up to you. Tuning alpine skis takes more time. You're going to get a product as nice as any shop. Waxing will include base cleaning and a multi temperature wax. Basic mini tunes of alpine skis are no problem as well. If you have specific requests, include them!

Nice Practice. Lots of new concepts, introduced, assimilated, and implemented. I have high hopes for thurs, fri practice! No new concepts, just throwing practice, and a hard fought force forehand scrimmage.

Monday, April 18, 2011


approach and footwork
shots of him pulling

this guy has lots of great tips.


Ski Waxing Fundraiser and Team Get together
Wednesday April 20th 5- 7 or 8.
Plan something to grill, bring some stuff, organize it with some friends.

Get some nordic or classic skis from family or neighbors that need them waxed.
Bring them. Get instructions on what they want done. Professional Quality wax and mini tunes available. Donations will fund the team. If you just want them waxed and scraped, let us know. If you'd rather have us get your skis ready for PPP, let us know.

Make it happen team!
Check back here. I'll have the address up Monday night.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

a guarded success.

the girls work is easy to celebrate: playing 5 girls against 5 guys, in any sense is a plus. we still have tons to work on, but thanks to coach Justin (thank you Justin) we have shared vocabulary, game experience, and an understanding.

the boys played our best game ever against south, but it was too intense, and we were unable to sustain. finishing games will be our theme. down 15-0 we will finish. up 15-0 we will finish.

focus on that.

we will focus next week on THE MARK, HOLDING THE MARK, BREAKING THE MARK, and finding our roles. It is a statement of fact: our top 8-9 can play with anyone. But as we saw this weekend, our team is defined by 15. We will develop our game such that it uses all 15-22 players. Find your role, find your niche. Hit the open throw. Break the Mark:

Success: We pushed deep, kept the line clear, played out of our mind 'd'.
Things to work on: Move the disk sooner, hit the short throws, and finish the game.

Also: Please, I hope you get that anything I tell you comes from experience, and a desire for you to win: from this weekend: bring a polypro top and bottom. face the mark. break the mark.

We will get better. You will be awesome.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

49 days.

7 weeks. That's it. And much less until our 2 biggest tournaments.

Tonight was the parent meeting. A few parents there, highlighting our need for communication.

This weekend is the 541 invite. In Eugene. Leaving tennis courts at 7:15 am SHARP. Here are directions.

As of tuesday, we should have enough drivers. But, no guarantees. Coach Justin and I are the only guaranteed passengers who don't bring their own coaches.

So, sign up your parents, and I'll see you friday at practice at the tennis courts for a final count.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

55 days?

-practice thursday, in the gym, but i'll still go to tennis courts until 3:05
-practice friday, meet in parking lot. probably stay at summit, as baseball is away.
-upcoming fundraiser: waxing of skis. you will be responsible for finding one person who wants their skis waxed. bring them to me and rich gross (matt's dad) at his house. we'll play a dvd of frisbee, maybe have a grill going, and need a little help from the experienced. you will watch movies, hang out, eat, and help clean up. if you know how to wax and tune, chip in.

we'll wax and tune alpine skis, wax skate skis, and you will need to return them then next day or two, which will require a little bit of driving around by you. you will need to collect the donation.

price: by donation, should be 10-20 bucks per, depending on what is going on. that is as good or cheaper than any shop. i'll have flyers that you then rubber band to the skis with what they want done. I hope to make several hundred dollars from this.

-your $50 dollar dues are due. we get no money from the school, or anything. your coaches are volunteers. this is the best deal in town. PAY UP!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

57 days.

wednesday you're on your own, althought mario is trying to organize some pickup.
thursday and friday, meet at courts, and we'll decide based on the weather.
spring will be here eventually.

Monday, April 04, 2011


current schedule
april 16-- single gender games in eugene, or here.
april 23-- single gender, or we'll play co-ed against pdx teams
may 14/15 westerns-- the big deal: teams from seattle, oregon, cali, colorado, minnesota, kansas, missouri, louisiana.
mayb 21/22 coed states. attendance, and abillity will determine 'a' 'b' and 'c' teams
june 4/5 single gender coed states: determines our qualifier for next years 'westerns'

Friday, April 01, 2011

Westerns Teams

Welcome to the big leagues:
I'm also going to try to schedule a game for our girls against a college team or two before states. and local club players.

High School Westerns Boys
alameda community, CA
berkely high, CA
monarch high colorado
wichita HS east kansas
catholic high school louisiana
hopkins high, minnesota
la due horton watkins, missouri
franklin (seattle)
lakeside, seattle,
nathan hale, seattle
bush school, seattle
nw school, seattle

High School Westerns girls
Franklin, WA
Lakeside, WA
Nathan hale, WA
Roosevelt, Wa
Seattle Academy
Bush School, WA
NW School, WA

performance cues.

with a huge team, we're all going to have to fight distractions at practice. and even at tournaments. i'd like to introduce the concept of a performance cue. this is not clap once, clap twice stuff. this is, how do i immediately find focus.

the idea is to tie a physical motion to the mental cue to focus. this could be:

when i go into the field, i'll grab some dirt and grass, and hopefully some chalk, rub it on my hands, and clap. hands are now sticky, and mind is focused.

in the nba, count how many guys wait to tie their short drawstrings RIGHT when they step on the court.

pound the ground when you start your point.

take your hat off. fix it, put it on and go to work.

clap your hands together and say, LETS GO

tuck your shirt in.

pound your shoulders.

come up with your own